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A Pastor-to-Pastor Letter from Bestselling Author Stephen Schwambach

Dear Pastor,

What do you do after you've led your church through 40 Days of Purpose? I mean...what in the world do you do for an encore to something like THAT?

That's what I asked Rick Warren several months ago. I discovered that he and his team at Saddleback were working hard to come up with a Christ-honoring answer to that very question.

One thing's for sure. You don't dare go backward. Rick's book and Rick's 40 Days plan enabled us to lead our congregations to new heights. The only acceptable follow-up is to find something so drenched in God's Word, so packed with God's favor, that it will take our people to the NEXT level in Him.

That's why I shared with Rick what I believe is the perfect follow-up to 40 Days of Purpose. It's based on a life-changing Biblical truth that has riveted my attention for the past 20 years. Rick was intrigued. In fact, he liked it so much that he asked me to pilot it in my church and let him know how it went.

I told him we'd be honored. Then it occurred to me that we shouldn't do this pilot alone. If we want to supply Rick and his team with reliable data, we ought to invite a select group of churches from around the nation to launch this pilot with us. If the solid spiritual results in our churches are as dramatic as I expect, who knows where it might go from here?

The campaign is called 40 Days of Promise. At its heart is a one-of-a-kind book called The Signature Bible. But here's the huge breakthrough:

Through a rare arrangement with one of the nation's top printers, YOUR name, YOUR picture and YOUR signature will be bound directly into the opening pages of The Signature Bible. This means that YOU will be the one who leads your congregation through 40 Days of Promise.

It won't have my picture or Rick's in it. Just yours. We will actually create a special edition of the book exclusively for your church. The entire first chapter of the book is designed to feature a message from you to your congregation, signed by you. You can either use our suggested wording, or rewrite it to more perfectly fit you.

I know you need a lot more information. Please feel free to use the links on this page to browse the Seed Bucket Press web site. I especially invite you to visit The Signature Bible page, where we have uploaded the first section of the book online. I hope you'll take just a moment to quickly read through the first eight days. That's all it will take. By that time - if God wants you to personally lead your congregation through this amazing experience - I believe you will be so eager to start that you will want to immediately E-mail us and request your complimentary copy of The Signature Bible.

In short, we want to supply you with everything you need to know, so you can make a Christ-honoring decision. If you have questions not answered on our site, please click on the Contact Us page and feel free to E-mail or telephone us.

I know you also need to talk this through with your church leaders and bathe it in prayer. But first, an integrity issue. I promised Rick that I would do nothing to compete with what you and he are already doing together. If you have plans to repeat Rick's wonderful 40 Days of Purpose campaign, please do so! You are eligible to participate in our pilot ONLY if you have already decided not to repeat Rick's 40 Days of Purpose campaign this soon.

That said, we are now contacting other carefully chosen churches across the nation. We expect our pilot to fill up quickly. After you have your questions answered, please click on the “Sign Up For Pilot” button at the close of this letter or in the topmast of each page, if you would like your church to be considered as a pilot candidate.

Warmly in Christ,


Stephen Schwambach
Senior Pastor

1on1 Church

There's no place like it



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About Pastor Stephen Schwambach

Stephen Schwambach earned his second Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Trinity Theological Seminary. He is a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist and bestselling author of 6 books (click images below to order from

Tough Talk To A Stubborn Spouse by Stephen Schwambach
Featured on Oprah, Sally Jessy Raphael, etc.

For Lovers Only - The Truly Intimate Marriage by Stephen & Judith Schwambach
Textbook for Dr. Judith Schwambach’s and Dr. Stephen Schwambach’s marriage seminar

Why Did I Say I Do? by Stephen Schwambach
Completes the H. Norman Wright trilogy, Before You Say I Do…After You Say I Do

Devotion Explosion by Stephen Schwambach
The Broadman-Holman devotional classic republished by Barnes & Noble’s

Why You Won't Go To Heaven...Though a Murderer Might by Stephen Schwambach
Pastors in Africa hold up Dr. Schwambach’s book, Why You Won’t Go To Heaven…Though a Murderer Might. Thousands of them are using the book as a door-to-door witnessing tool that testifies to the grace of Jesus Christ.

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