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Q: Why should our congregation participate in the 40 Days of Promise pilot?

Here are three reasons for your prayerful consideration:

  1. For the first time, the people of your congregation won’t just read God’s Word – they will experience it…in a way that will transform their lives.
  2. The additional 140 days of devotions offered in Part 2 of the book will inspire your congregation to continue in God’s Word every day for a total of six months. After 180 days of meaningful encounters with God, many of the people in your congregation will have made faithful daily devotions a permanent part of their lives.
  3. This pilot gives your church the opportunity to become one of a handful of Leader Churches- with the potential to spark a move of God that will impact our nation…and spread around the world.

What will motivate our church to get excited about 40 Days of Promise?


In the 40 days immediately prior to your launch date, you will call your church to 40 Days of Prayer.

  1. We will supply you with a host of materials and ideas that will get your entire congregation praying for the upcoming campaign.
  2. During the final two days leading up to the campaign, your people will sign up for time slots in 40 Hours of Prayer and Fasting.

How many books should we order?


We recommend that you order 25-50% more than you used for 40 Days of Purpose. Here’s why:

  1. Unlike with Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life® book, you cannot share your Signature Bible with anyone else. Because you will be actually writing out the Word in your own handwriting in your Signature Bible, each person will need his or her own personal copy.
  2. Since your copies of The Signature Bible will be personalized for your church alone, there will be only one printing of your book. Therefore, your first order must be certain to include all the copies you could possibly need.
  3. The impact on your congregation of 40 Days of Prayer cannot be overstated. By the time your people have spent more than a month praying for 40 Days of Promise they will be on board and eager to participate in a way that you have seldom – if ever – seen.
  4. The Signature Bible is one of the most visually stunning books ever published. Even the pictures we provide you online do not begin to do it justice. It is a tactile experience just to pick it up and run your hands over its smooth surface, enhanced by beautiful embossing and unique lamination. The pages themselves have rough-cut edges that are a delight to the touch. Your biggest problem may be that of running out of books, because of the numbers of your people who will want to purchase extras to give as gifts for their friends.


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