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The Signature Bible

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3,400 years after God first gave it to Moses…

The Signature Bible
introduces –

The only daily devotional plan Personally designed by God.

It’s not some man’s idea.

It’s God’s.

You’re already aware
if it’s God’s idea…

He is absolutely certain to anoint it with His favor and saturate it with His blessing.

Now you know why The Signature Bible will change your life.

You are about to discover an ancient secret that empowers you to become everything Jesus created you to be. It's an adventure that -

  • Takes just five minutes a day
  • Is shockingly simple
  • Comes straight from the Bible
  • Is designed by God Himself
  • Is backed up by 5 stunning promises

The Signature Bible is an intimate, one-of-a-kind, daily journey into PURE LIGHT that you and God experience together.

Just the two of you.


God and you.

Goose bump time.


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Signature Bibles NOW!


Featuring You - as Pastor - in the Book!

Through a rare arrangement with one of the nation’s top printers, YOUR NAME, YOUR PICTURE and YOUR SIGNATURE can be bound directly into the opening pages of The Signature Bible . This means that YOU will be the one who leads your congregation through 40 Days of Promise.

For more information please click here to go to our Pastors Page.

At NO COST to your church

All you have to do is purchase enough copies of The Signature Bible at our low church price for everyone in your congregation. Your members will then buy their books from you at the amount you set, thus eliminating your church’s entire campaign cost.

Click here to see how many churches resell their books at a slight markup to help defray the entire cost of the campaign.

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